Maborosi (Hirokazu Koreeda/1995/Japan) - Pensive shadow of the dark

In addition to his directorial chores, Kore-eda also wrote his first book, an account of the research he had done into the suicide case that formed the subject of However . His involvement in the case would also have a great effect on his first fiction feature, which dealt with a woman trying to cope with the unexplained suicide of her husband.

Maborosi (1995) was in many ways as meticulously planned on a formal level as the documentary that inspired it. In attempting to express the emotions and feelings of his protagonist Yumiko (Makiko Esumi), Koe-eda carefully use (natural) light and darkness, sound effects, and shot composition, intentionally avoiding facial expressions as a way to convey those emotions. The film was praised by many for its visual beauty and after an extended festival run it received a limited release in American cinemas, to largely rave reviews.

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Hirokazu Koreeda
Maborosi /1995/Japan
Cinematography Masao Nakabori

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