Wacom Intuos5 Touch Pen Tablet Reviews

Nobody can deny that the Pen tablet generation Intuos is the best model that many people want to buy the most active. Both the beauty and functionality, simple operation, high performance and price for the features of improving it. After seeing the other reviews Pen tablet Intuos4 generation ago. This time i reviews wacom intuos5 latest version of it. This model is ideal for those who are wealthy and this popular with professional people.

If you notice a quick glance through it. As the twin brother of Intuos4,Hahaha, It seems to be the characteristic design features of this model resistant for use with the matte black. Unlike previous versions of glossy black plastic to become brittle in my eyes. Served to emphasize the solemn black, not playful Opposed to the use of color in children's toys. (The principles of color design in toys and children's needs for children's learning needs as well, I will talk about it later.) The intention is that it is ideal for the true professional. But there are some people who buy them to look good in order to obscure the ability to own a few. I was there too.

From the professional needs. Pentablet have pressure sensitivity of the 2048. There are many levels of pressure sensitivity. Who has used to know how to adjust the program, the better,If practiced regularly until I fear the pressure of their hands and water,If so, then maybe we need to spend more time with him for a while. But Wacom intuos5 pen tablet, allows us to quickly adapt and understand more.

What's new with this version is Multi-finger touch, which makes its use more convenient for those who use the touch screen. But I feel that this system may be less sensitive to pressure than the old version. And with this system. With regular use, it can cause the degeneration faster. I was one of those examples of the iphone touch screen. My friend bought an iPhone, mostly play the game, Touch-screen systems deteriorate faster than any friends yet. But not to fear, Wacom has a two-year warranty. Button for all applications.  Scroll, zoom, rotate, and swipe Interactive touch ring which is what is done to maintain its original use. If you prefer your left hand. This design allows you to flip it for left-handed or right-handed use. If you do not like the clutter of a USB cable, you can buy wireless accessory kit.

Finally, width is not important. If you regularly to make familiar with it.If you want to maintain an image of professionalism. And a lot of money. I recommend the largest. In the box, grip pen, pen stand, 10 replacement nibs,and software Adobe Photoshop Elements,Anime Studio Debut,Autodesk Sketchbook Express,Corel Painter 12 (90 Day Trial)




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